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My Friend Pedro hacked
My Friend Pedro Cheats / Hacked:

Press J to toggle invulnerability, K to toggle infinite ammo.

Description info:

Category: Action | Plays: 2 942

My Friend Pedro Hacked and with Cheats is a wonderful game which will be actually for the experts in Arcade / Two Player.
How to play?
Go on a high intensity adventure with your friend, Pedro. Use WASD or arrow keys to move, jump, and roll. Aim using the mouse and click to shoot. Collect weapons and use them to find and destroy enemies while moving through the city streets. Slow down time by pressing Shift or SPACE to dodge bullets and get off the perfect shot. Tips: - Try rolling to quickly get behind enemies before they shoot. - Use the environment to your advantage by jumping off walls, hiding behind boxes, and leaping through windows to gain an advantage over your foes.
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