Game Age of Defense 3 Hacked (Cheats)


Age of Defense 3 hacked
Age of Defense 3 Cheats / Hacked:

Press - 1 - full Prada - 2- auto full Prada on/off - 3- for full base health - 4 -full base health on/off - 5 - win - 6 - upgrade points

Description info:

Category: Strategy | Plays: 5 216

Age of Defense 3 is absorbing hacked game, which is popular among the boys of different ages. This is the new of the game, which has a good graphics and idea. You have to go through the development of mankind from the caveman to the state in which it is nowadays. In all the way you have to fight, sending the first in the battle of men armed with batons, firearms and then finally the nuclear weapons. Properly you should use the possibilities and you're sure to win in this game.
How to play?
You should the kind of the heroes for each level with help of your computer mouse. You may get all necessary instructions before the game.
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