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Duck life 2 hacked
Duck life 2 Cheats / Hacked:

Unlimited seeds at sides. (You must buy the seed first.)

Description info:

Category: Arcade / RPG | Plays: 7 422

Duck life 2 is the second version the popular absorbing hacked game, which will be interesting for children of any ages. Duck Life is sport f game where you have to train a little duckling. You should train your duck in such a way that it becomes the champion of racing ducks. Such game can help to develop the feelings of the care to another one and also wishes to be the first and develop the feelings of the competitions. Also this is good way for developing speedy reaction for the children.
How to play?
You get all new necessary instructions during each round of the game. Also you may use the mouse and shunts on the keyboard for the moving of the duck.
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