Game Destroy all Cars Hacked (Cheats)


Destroy all Cars hacked
Destroy all Cars Cheats / Hacked:

Cars unlocked, win level no matter what percent you get

Description info:

Category: Arcade | Plays: 4 812

Destroy all Cars is crazy hacked game, which is popular among boys of different ages. Your task is to set the desired height jump, which can give the high fight. Then you should choose the car and break as many machines as possible. Such funny and absorbing game helps to signify any bad emotions and get good and positive mood for all day. Such game is popular among different player in the world and has good realistic graphics.
How to play?
You should use only your computer mouse for the dealing of all actions in the game. You should choose the car and power of fight with help of mouse. If you need, you may read additional instructions.
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