Game Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Hacked (Cheats)


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 hacked
Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Cheats / Hacked:

Press: 1 to fill HP and MP, 2 to add gold, 4 to add points, 5 to add EXP

Description info:

Category: RPG | Plays: 6 571

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is the third version of the funny game, which popular among different players in the world. If you like the absorbing adventures, this game is for you. You are the participant of the legendary fighting. But you should be ready for difficult probations. You should collect various useful subjects for power and you may govern the own army of fighters. You should protect your territory from dangerous opponents and win in the competition. This game helps to be attentive. 
How to play?
You should use your computer mouse for moving and choosing the position of the army. Also you will get all necessary instructions at the beginning on the level.
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