Game Give Up, Robot Hacked (Cheats)


Give Up, Robot hacked
Give Up, Robot Cheats / Hacked:

No time limit for using jetpack, swing and jump your way through a mechanized danger zone, no limit for health

Description info:

Category: Adventure | Plays: 5 133

Give Up, Robot is the absorbing game, which is popular among different players of any ages. Your task is to control for the robot’s actions. You should jump, run and change the places of location. There are a large amount of colorful probations, but you should have a decision about the correctly moving. Each level has different changing of different complexity. This game helps to develop logical thoughts, good attention and opportunity to make the speedy decisions. Such game will be popular even among the children.
How to play?
You should use the shunts of the keyboard for ruling the hero. Also you need the keys Z and A for the displacement with help of the cord through the large probations.
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