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Snowguard hacked
Snowguard Cheats / Hacked:

Keyhacks: Press 1 Toggle Roll Snowball - 2 Roll Snowball

Description info:

Category: Defence | Plays: 1 322

Snowguard is in Super Mega Early Alpha.

- Defend the house against snowmen by spending snowballs to build defenses or cast attacks.
- Click to roll snowballs. (Hold and click also available)
- Spend snowballs to upgrade your defenses or spend on defenses
- Different types of snowmen can defeat different defense
- You can cancel building a building by right-clicking while 'holding' the target.

Build Igloo: Shoots at incoming snowmen. Build lots of these.
Build Gingerbread wall: Keeps snowmen back for a short period.
Cast Blizzard: Creates high damage over time over an area effect.
Cast Ornament Ordinance: Drop medium damage ornaments from the sky
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