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Rebuild hacked
Rebuild Cheats / Hacked:

Start with lots of food, all farms produce a lot, lots of houses per land, 90% of tasks take 1 hour (day) only, 100 morale and everything adds more.

Description info:

Category: Strategy / Zombie | Plays: 3 625

Rebuild is the absorbing strategy game, which is interesting for different players of any ages. You should govern the large town. You should control the economical relations in the state, also protect your nations and territories from dangerous zombies. The dangerous monsters organize the terrible attacks on your territory. Your main task is to fight with them to save your state. Also you should decide difficult political, economical problems for the short period of time to fix up the peaceful lifestyle for your citizens.
How to play?
You should use your computer mouse for the ruling this strategy game. You should choose different actions during the game.
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