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Sierra 7 hacked
Sierra 7 Cheats / Hacked:

Keyhacks: 1 - re-fill your Health,2 - Unlimited Magazines/Primary/Secondary ammo,3 - No heat,4 - All Weapons/Medpacks/Vests Unlocked

Description info:

Category: Action / Shooting | Plays: 5 425

Sierra 7 is the absorbing the adventures game, which is popular among different players, especially for boys. There is the mortal danger in the state of the main hero, the task of a special agent to deal with enemy army of the terrorists. Alone, he could not cope with a series of dangerous missions and you should help him. In your hands there will be a lot of different weapons with which you should have the good relations. If you came to the enemy you must shoot at him without hesitation. This game has to speedy reaction all plying time.
How to play?
You may choose the weapons with the help of keys on the keyboard and fighting with help of mouse.
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