Game The Binding of Isaac Hacked (Cheats)


The Binding of Isaac hacked
The Binding of Isaac Cheats / Hacked:

1 for full Health, 2 for coins, 3 for Bombs, 4 for Keys and 5 for Ammo. Hold 5buttons to become invincible.

Description info:

Category: RPG | Plays: 9 649

The Binding of Isaac is the game with the unusual story, which is popular among different players. The game has the story about the adventures of a little boy, who is named Isaac. He has dangerous situation. His mother heard a message from God to kill his son to prove his loyalty to him. Isaac escapes into the basement of our house. He is in a demonic world full of different monsters. Now it faces a major task is to survive and get to know the mystery of her mother's past.
How to play?
You should use the shunts of the keyboard for the moving the hero and fighting. Also you get necessary instructions about the other motions in the game.
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