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Arcuz hacked
Arcuz Cheats / Hacked:

Press 7 to add 1000 exp, 8 to add 1000 gold, 9 to be healed, 0 to restore mana.

Description info:

Category: Adventure / RPG | Plays: 3 457

Arcuz is the first version of the fascinating game, which is impregnated of the entertaining and unusual adventures. Your purpose is to improve the condition of your hero and go for adventure with the fighting and also looking for rich metals and jewelry, also the gold and expensive artifacts. There are much different shackles for the good achievement of the main purpose. You should be powerful in the different unexpected situations. This game has interesting story and good and bright graphics.
How to play?
You should rule the hero with the help of the shunts on the keyboard. You may read all necessary instructions during the game.
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