Game Rails of War Hacked (Cheats)


Rails of  War hacked
Rails of War Cheats / Hacked:

All trains - Weapons unlocked but as its not full version advanced trains are not available - Health has been increased to max (9999999999+) - You can even drive slow Trains - Speed has been increased from 100 to 500 - Weapon firing range increased - Weapon power also increased.

Description info:

Category: Action / Shooting | Plays: 5 958

Rails of  War is the flash game, which is general for the different category of the players of various category of the interests. Your hero is the engineer of the armored train. And you have to deliver the goods from point A to point B. But there is the difficulty between these points of enemy territory. Before leaving, you must equip your train, add cars and install on their weapons. During the game you can control the speed of trains, as well as change the path for the moving. This game helps to develop logical thoughts for the players.
How to play?
You should choose the transports for the moving. You should use the shunts for the moving the train and the mouse for the fighting.
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