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Death Row hacked
Death Row Cheats / Hacked:

Stats,cash, other cheats: ness28(10000 cash),ollie29(refill stats), sidog27(not even a cheat).

Description info:

Category: RPG | Plays: 4 113

Death Row is the strategy game, which is actually for the adult category of players. In this game, the main hero is a prisoner. His days are numbered, there are only fifteen days for his life. And then it waits for the death penalty. During these days of useless he should be well prepared. His task is to prove that he is the honest person. You should decide different important and dangerous tasks. This game helps to develop different player’s abilities as good reaction and attention.
How to play?
You should use the mouse for the choosing different commands and tasks for your hero. Also you should read the messages of your hero during each level.
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