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Paladog hacked
Paladog Cheats / Hacked:

Key hacks (use in level only) [P] Money [I] Level up to final level [B] Win Level + Built in hacks : unlimited mana and food.

Description info:

Category: Strategy / Zombie | Plays: 10 336

Paladog is the strategy game, which will be popular among children and adult players in the game’s world. This game is about the the world, which is prospered, and all lived in it was very well, and no one thought of something bad, our protagonist dog, who wanted to be someone very big and famous and it has managed to become a true paladin, who brings blessing to all troops. When they learned about our hero, they decided to not only suppress its power, but also to destroy all people, who are in a place with him to fight, and now you'll lead the troops against the forces of darkness. 
How to play?
You should read the story of the game for better understanding. You should use the shunts for the moving of the hero.
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