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Defend Your Nuts hacked
Defend Your Nuts Cheats / Hacked:

Unlimited money, and you can buy unlimited tools to upgrade your weapons.

Description info:

Category: Defence | Plays: 3 600

Defend Your Nuts is the funny game, which is popular among children and also the adult audience of players. The main hero of the game is the squirrel. The squirrel worked all summer to collect all the nuts. She thought that in the winter it will not wait for a famine, because these nuts enough to her and all the relatives. But the evil warriors coveted another's good and want to take away all her squirrels nuts. You should protect acquired so painstakingly good, rodent picked foot bow to kill all the robbers. You should help the squirrel to repel the attack.
How to play?
You should fight to the enemies with the help of the computer mouse.
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