Max Dirt Bike Hacked (Cheats)

Max Dirt Bike hacked
Cheats / Hacked:

Level Codes: Level 1: 12345 Level 2: 18945 Level 3: 98423 Level 4: 21658 Level 5: 84362 Level 6: 27412 Level 7: 19735 Level 8: 46823 Level 9: 84625 Level 10: 13859 Level 11: 14789 Level 12: 36987 Level 13: 15973 Level 14: 85296 Level 15: 76248 Level 16: 13548 Level 17: 50483 Level 18: 93812 Level 19: 48662

Description info:

Category: Racing | Plays: 981

Max Dirt Bike is the unusual game with a lot of different shades. In it, you will need to ride a powerful bike and go into the race with obstacles. The main task is to go through all the jumps and set the best time, not turning over. When they reached the destination, you will find the next stage, with a more interesting and challenging task. When you are driving, you shouldn’t forget to watch the timer and other information in a special panel on top. This is very funny and interesting game, which attracts of different players.
How to play?
You should use the shunts for the ruling and controlling the motions of the bike. You should be very careful.
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