Game Zombie Balloon Heads Halloween Hacked (Cheats)


Zombie Balloon Heads Halloween hacked
Zombie Balloon Heads Halloween Cheats / Hacked:

unlimited EXP. All the guns can be used

Description info:

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Zombie Balloon Heads Halloween is the spectacular game, which is popular among the adult generation in the game’s world. Here you will find a very entertaining war. Only on the eve of Halloween creatures such as the zombie could take to the streets of this city. All of them are very angry and hungry for the blood of ordinary people. Your task is to stop this madness. Your hero is armed with a gun to hunt. In order to destroy the zombies you need to make a few accurate shots to the head that she sulked and snapped.
How to play?
You can move with the keys A W S D and shoot with the help of computer mouse. You may buy a new kind of weapons for the earned money during the level.
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