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Chibi Knight hacked
Chibi Knight Cheats / Hacked:

Speed hack, Jump hack, Health Maxed, Magic Maxed, Damage Maxed

Description info:

Category: Adventure | Plays: 6 990

Chibi Knight is the fantasy game, which is popular among the children and the adult players too. This game has the interesting story. The once peaceful kingdom invaded by three fierce beasts. The animals ransacked the kingdom. Many citizens were killed. The clever masters of the city went underground. You must perform a knight who bravely to win the three beasts and save the kingdom. Your hero get the difficult task, but with the help of the own strategy and tactic of the controlling fighting, you must be winner. 
How to play?
You should use the shunts for the moving the hero and also the key A for the fighting and getting the special power.
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