Siegius Arena Hacked (Cheats)

Siegius Arena hacked
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unlimited life, unlimited money

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Category: Action | Plays: 730

Siegius Arena is the absorbing game about the gladiator’s life. There are many fighting and adventures for the main hero. Every day for gladiator is the resounding success or a devastating failure, between reality. If you make one wrong movie, you get death, or drop to a lower level if the audience, of course, give you life. The continuous struggle is the whole meaning of life and the essence of gladiators, but at the same time, it may have, it does not exist in ordinary viewers. There is the fame, money and the incomparable power.

How to play?
You should use the shunts on the keyboard for the moving the hero. Also you can choose the weapons and fight with the help of the mouse.
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