Game 300 Miles to Pigsland Hacked (Cheats)


300 Miles to Pigsland hacked
300 Miles to Pigsland Cheats / Hacked:

Buying adds cash and reach 100 miles to unlock all puzzles.300 Miles to Pigsland is a one-button platformer which consists of a single 300-mile level!

Description info:

Category: Adventure | Plays: 3 633

300 Miles to Pigsland is the fantasy game with the funny story about the paradisaical place for the pigs. You should hit the country of pigs and then your goal will be accomplished, but judging by the title, it is up to us to have to run as much as 300 miles, given the speed of small pigs, it takes you a long time. By collecting coins on your way, you get access to innovations that will help you overcome anything that will hinder you get to the final destination. This arcade game can test out of the reaction.
How to play?
You should use the mouse for the moving and jumping of the pig and collect the important coins in the level.
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