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3000 AD hacked
3000 AD Cheats / Hacked:

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Description info:

Category: Arcade / Shooting | Plays: 2 256

The wonderful shooting 3000 AD is for really brave players. The creation of this new, super battle, killer robots, semi automatic weapons is forced your enemies live in fear. Although your troops lose in the number of infantry, it still does not mean that you will lose the game. You must be able to fight with the mind. You'll be the first person to really practice test new weapons. You'll be the first one to be released in a real fight against the enemies. You have to act alone. There will be very much enemies, but you have to make every effort in order to cope. You need not to let your army.
How to play?
At the beginning of the game, you can see the rules for the controlling the heroes. You realize all actions with the help of the shunts and space.
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