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3d Micro Wars hacked
3d Micro Wars Cheats / Hacked:

Lots of health and stock.

Description info:

Category: Arcade / Shooting | Plays: 2 724

The unusual version of the game is the 3d Micro Wars, which is connected with the military events. If you like different actions, this game is actually for you. Your general task is to destroy the all enemy units, which will appear in front of you. The enemy will emerge from all sides and you have to react to his appearance and open-aimed fire, destroying one opponent after another. You will always have to pump his plane to confront the powerful enemy ships. There are many levels, where are the large amount of the opponents, which are moving with the different speed.
How to play?
You should move with the help of the mouse and shooting with the help of the mouse’s left key.
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