Game The Last Stand: Union City Hacked (Cheats)


The Last Stand: Union City hacked
The Last Stand: Union City Cheats / Hacked:

[3] to add 1000 money, [4] to fill health, [5] to add 100 xp, [6] to enable inf

Description info:

Category: Shooting / RPG / Zombie | Plays: 15 747

The Last Stand: Union City Hacked is popular game for boys and for adult men. We can address this game to different kinds of the games – the shooting games, RPG and zombie games. Your opponents are the terrible zombies, who pester your city. Your task is to save your territory and people. This game has a good graphics, which help to feel realistic experience of all motions and fighting. Your hero can use different weapons and other things for life including eating.
How to play?
The ruling of the cheats is managed by special keys on your keyboard, and also you get any prompts during the game, which help you to do right motions.
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