Game 7th Inning Smash Hacked (Cheats)


7th Inning Smash hacked
7th Inning Smash Cheats / Hacked:

Start with x5 more Balls

Description info:

Category: Action | Plays: 3 674

7th Inning Smash is the exciting game for fans of sports, especially those who love the game of basketball and not only. This is the simple and fun game of baseball in the street. The main goals of the game are interesting and varied. For example, there are the windows of the houses opposite, passing cars, road signs, flying balloons, etc. The number of points depends on the purpose for which the ball hit. You should very attentive in the fight and do the blow harder to score more points.
How to play?
You should use the mouse for the choosing the subject for fighting. The shunt in down indicates the direction of impact. The length of the arrow is the shot power.
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