Game Zoi: The Escape Hacked (Cheats)


Zoi: The Escape hacked
Zoi: The Escape Cheats / Hacked:

All levels unlocked.

Description info:

Category: Action / Adventure | Plays: 2 323

If you have strong nerves and good attention, then this game Zoi: The Escape will please you nice. Here you have to react quickly to the approaching platform, and be able to jump to get up to the plate, otherwise it will go astray your hero. You should please note that with each level the speed of the plates is increased, and it is necessary to be more attentive and sharp. You need to jump out with a small worm in the coming floors of the pyramid so that you are not crushed. You need to develop the speedy reaction in the difficult and unexpected moments.
How to play?
You should use the mouse or the key space for the jumping the hero.
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