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Zombie Breach hacked
Zombie Breach Cheats / Hacked:

Buying adds cash.

Description info:

Category: Action / Zombie | Plays: 2 458

You are the only hope of the city which have not yet reached a zombie, but their number increases and the need to stop the invasion. You can fight with the zombies and they will depart from and money, and cool bonuses, and even first-aid kit with medical supplies that will allow you to increase the health. As soon as you have enough money, you can easily look into the shop and buy a powerful weapon by which the destruction of the enemies will be even faster. You may stop the game, if you feel that health is not enough.
How to play?
You need to use the shunts for the moving the hero, the key J is for the fighting and the Q or E is for the choosing the kind of weapons.
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