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Zombie Crypt 3 hacked
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Category: Puzzle / Zombie | Plays: 2 594

Zombie Crypt 3 is the third version of the popular game for the playing with the partner. Our main characters are in a crypt full of a whole bunch of zombies. They will get out of it, parallel you need to collect the treasures scattered in this terrible place. This isn’t very nice, when you are in the crypt among the zombies, anything you can wait. You will meet different traps, obstacles, and also take into account that the control two characters at once, a little complicate the situation, but on the other hand makes it easy. You should combine the action of each to get out of the vault unharmed, follow the prompts.
How to play?
Ruling of the game depends on the shunts for the moving and the mouse for the shooting to the dangerous enemies.
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