Game Zombie Head Switch Hacked (Cheats)


Zombie Head Switch hacked
Zombie Head Switch Cheats / Hacked:

All levels unlocked.

Description info:

Category: Zombie | Plays: 2 158

You never need to be modest, because if you cancel the arrows and you are the envy of the most important professional, we open the doors for you to check your professionalism in the game Zombie Head Switch. Hungry zombies have become so weak and helpless that they have no strength even to rise from their graves hell. And in order to restore its former power, they decided to trade brains. You should make the former glory of bloodthirsty monsters and help them strengthen their family. You should do this, grab a slingshot and start pounding on the shoulders of a headless zombie.
How to play?
You should use the mouse for the ruling the hero and choosing the power of the flight of the head.
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