Game Zombie Rumble Siege Hacked (Cheats)


Zombie Rumble Siege hacked
Zombie Rumble Siege Cheats / Hacked:

Lots of ammo. All levels unlocked.

Description info:

Category: Zombie | Plays: 2 780

Zombie Rumble Siege is the shooting, which is representative of a genre which is extremely popular in today's world. This is game, in which you will destroy the living dead. This time is not with a pistol, rifle, and even a grenade launcher. You have an entire gun mount, mounted on pickup truck. You should destroy zombie for the least amount of shots. Zombie captured the house. You should destroy the house with zombies. You need to arm mobile gun and forth, destroy zombies.
How to play?
You should use the shunts for the moving the hero and the mouse is for the shooting to the opponents.
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