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Zombie Run hacked
Zombie Run Cheats / Hacked:

You can double jump and holding down space bar makes you fly. Run on the roof tops of the city and avoid gaps, walls, and zombies!

Description info:

Category: Defence / Zombie | Plays: 2 322

Zombie Run is the game, which is full of the different tasks and adventures. Your task is to collect a certain number of diamonds at an abandoned mine. Zombies are attacking! They already ate all in your town. And so, you left all alone and zombies! But luckily you have a plane that will take you to a safe place. But there is one problem. In your airplane does not have fuel, and the fuel cell with freely scattered through the deserted streets filled with zombies. You should collect a fuel much as possible, until you have not eaten.
How to play?
You should use the shunts for the running of the main hero. You should collect the crystals for the power.
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