Game Zombie Tactics Hacked (Cheats)


Zombie Tactics hacked
Zombie Tactics Cheats / Hacked:

Hacked version of the stars in the 999999 gold COINS.

Description info:

Category: Zombie | Plays: 2 612

You should manage a group of survivors, and defeat all the zombies wandering in the game Zombie Tactics. At your disposal it is a healer and melee, ranged in the intervals between battles you can improve the character, buying different things to improve performance at the store or send someone from the team on their quest, but then he would not be able to participate in the battle. You can’t forget to put the subject on the desired character by clicking on the chest. There is a mode for transmission and survival.
How to play?
You need the mouse for the choosing the task for the ruling of the hero. During the level you can read the important information about the game.
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