Game Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise Hacked (Cheats)


Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise hacked
Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise Cheats / Hacked:

Infinite money.

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Category: Defence / Zombie | Plays: 4 975

Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise is a new game in a series of tower defense. You will invasion zombie. You will find a battle for the brains zombies who want to eat! The road to it will be one, and this time you will be able to place the gun that should deter any attack of the enemy and not let get to the brain. You will have to storm a lot of different zombies, some are fast but weak, and some very slow but the armor they will be very much and if you will not have enough guns, or they will be weak, you can not stop it.
How to play?
At the beginning of the game you can choose the type of the complexity of the game. Then you can choose the different weapons with the help of the mouse.
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