Game Zombies vs Penguins 2 Hacked (Cheats)


Zombies vs Penguins 2 hacked
Zombies vs Penguins 2 Cheats / Hacked:

Zombie mode and all levels unlocked.

Description info:

Category: Shooting / Zombie | Plays: 2 562

The fighting with zombies is continued in the game Zombies vs Penguins 2. You can get the new levels with the different obstacles. In this game you will play for the penguin, which will shoot a zombie Mayan. This is a fun and addictive classic shooter for the boys. Zombies are quite insolent and decided to conquer the world, but they do not know that the world stood up to protect the penguins from a secret organization. Penguins were trained for one purpose is to kill. This game has many levels with the different obstacles for you.
How to play?
The hero is ruled with the help of the mouse. You can choose the direction and the power of the fighting.
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