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ZomBurp hacked
ZomBurp Cheats / Hacked:

All levels unlocked

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Category: Zombie | Plays: 2 124

ZomBurp is usual, but very absorbing game and addictive game. You need to make it so that the small monkey was unable to hide from his swollen, walking dead. The main goal of the game is to use the materials at hand to free the way for the zombie green-haired man. In this case you can use bursting balls, breaking the beam and scattered stones. In one city, the criminals are tied and left for all to see as a punishment. One flew over the city, inflatable zombies and seeing related criminals, they decided to eat. But this would be not so easy. You need to get to the offender, you have to overcome various obstacles in the form of crates of wooden beams and others.
How to play?
You need to use the mouse is for the controlling the actions of the hero.
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