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zOMGies hacked
zOMGies Cheats / Hacked:

Enemies give you health, all weapons available after the first level, no reload time.

Description info:

Category: Shooting / Zombie | Plays: 2 422

Do you want to feel the unusual emotions and adrenaline feeling? The game zOMGies can help you to have a good playing time. There is the quiet night, you have chosen for his walk was overshadowed by the sudden attack of bloodthirsty zombie’s army. The only way to survive is to escape, firing from the walking dead. You must run along the road in front of a horde of bloodthirsty zombies, also you can try to stay alive and the slowing-down until the end. You should have the speedy reaction in this game.
How to play?
The moving the hero of the game is based on the keys AWSD. You can use the weapons with the help of the mouse.
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