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Abandon Tomorrow hacked
Abandon Tomorrow Cheats / Hacked:

Press 1 to toggle invulnerability, 2 to add money.

Description info:

Category: RPG | Plays: 2 787

Do you like the fantasy game with the strange reality? Abandon Tomorrow is absorbing game for fans of such category of the amusement. In this game there is no peace and order. There is the far into the future with the rule of cruel corporations, transforming the world into chaos. In this chaos, you have to play. This game is a classic RPG, where you start the game select the hero's offer, there are three types of the hero. Each of them with their own unique skills, each has its own abilities. Just on the game you have to perform quite a few jobs. You need to develop, wear your character and fight against evil.
How to play?
At the beginning of the game you should choose the hero and his characteristic. You should use the mouse for the choosing the actions for the hero.
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