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Absolute Madness hacked
Absolute Madness Cheats / Hacked:

999999 Health and Score

Description info:

Category: Shooting | Plays: 3 198

Absolute Madness is the criminal game about the adventures with the fighting with the gunmen. You're on the trail of a criminal gang and your surveillance has led you to this abandoned warehouse. All the bandits are armed and very dangerous, but it does not scare you. You are a true professional and one can cope with them. Alternately you should lure them from their posts and try to defuse it. You are very brave and certainly not easy to cope with this task. You need to act with so high speed to get success.
How to play?
You have opportunity to have the training at the beginning of the game. You should use the AWSD for the moving the hero and the mouse is for the shooting.
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