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Adapt or Die hacked
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Always Replicate

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Category: Strategy | Plays: 2 582

Do you like to take part in the general and important fighting and wars? The game Adapt or Die give you a pleasant satisfaction of the playing. You will manage the bee, which will have to conquer new territories for their bee colonies. You either conquer new lands, or lose and then your whole family would die. During the game you will have to enter into battle with other bee families, who also you need to expand their hives. Here you will find on a real space battle for territory. You will be in a sector in which there are several squares, and for them you have to fight. The enemy does not want to give in, so I have to try that would capture all territory currently. You should be careful and then everything will come out. After each level you can improve your spaceship.
How to play?
You should use the mouse for the ruling of the hero.
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