Game Afgan Overpass TD Hacked (Cheats)


Afgan Overpass TD hacked
Afgan Overpass TD Cheats / Hacked:

All purchases and upgrades give you money.

Description info:

Category: Defence | Plays: 2 736

If you like the strategy game, Afgan Overpass TD will be good decision for having good playing time. The story is about the military time. There is the military base, which is the main object of which concentrated all the combat forces, so it must be carefully protect against the invading enemy troops. You can build all kinds of protective equipment in the form of weapons, ready to attack. The more soldiers you manage to destroy, the more money you get for the modernization of the objects. You can realize all means fight in places you love and see the result. You can’t allow the enemy to break through your defenses.
How to play?
You can use the mouse for the choosing the details for the protection of the territory.
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