Game Age of Defense 3: EDITOR Hacked (Cheats)


Age of Defense 3: EDITOR hacked
Age of Defense 3: EDITOR Cheats / Hacked:

Press 1 to toggle prada, 2 to toggle base health, 9 to add upgrade points.

Description info:

Category: Defence | Plays: 2 934

Age of Defense 3: EDITOR is the new version of the popular strategy game about the protection of the territory. You need to get ready for a large-scale battle against enemy raiders, who so want to take over your lands. A huge army is on its way, quickly collect his troops and give resistance to the enemy. The soldiers, which you will send into battle with time will become stronger. After all, when you win a battle you get points for which you can improve and buy new types of troops.
How to play?
For the controlling the process of the game, you need to use the mouse for the choosing the necessary detail for protection.
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