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Moby Dick 2 hacked
Moby Dick 2 Cheats / Hacked:

Moby Dick 2 Hacked - Infinite health, boost, O2 and hunger. Press key U to add 5 upgrade points.

Description info:

Category: Action | Plays: 5 191

Moby Dick 2 is the second version of popular game, which is actually for children and adult players. You have the opportunity to meet with the white whale, and help him to fight off the attack of enemies. You should take control over it and destroy all the boats opponents, who are in your way. If the level is at the end of your life, then you will be able to increase the strength of his fish on the sea floor. After each level you will get one point, which you can spend on improving the performance of one of his hero. This funny game is actually for having a good playing time.
How to play?
You should use the shunts for the moving of the whale and mouse for the controlling of the direction of the animal.
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