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Amateur Surgeon hacked
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Unlimited time.

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Amateur Surgeon Hacked and with Cheats is an incredible game which we can address to Zombie.
How to play?
Always losing patients (and patience)? You can use the combination of the corkscrew and gel tools to revive a little bit of your patient's health. Select the corkscrew (#8) first, then the gel (#4). Both icons will be highlighted. When you click and hold the mouse in the gameplay area, a circle will appear with a red area that moves in a clockwise direction. While holding the mouse, position your pointer in the red area while it goes all the way around until your patient regains a little bit of health. Unlock secret characters – BUM, Stuporman and Delirium in the "Secret Files" area are unlocked when you meet certain game conditions. BUM unlocks when you get an overall score of 1 million or more points. Stuporman unlocks when you fill Donny's (File 2) Pimp-o-meter all the way up (hint: try stapling strategic "areas" on him). and Delirium is unlocked when you finish all the surgeries in Files 1-3.
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