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Amateur Surgeon hacked
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Unlimited time.

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Category: Puzzle | Plays: 3 677

Amateur Surgeon Hacked and with Cheats is a marvelous game which popular among players of different ages.
How to play?
Always losing patients (and patience)? You can use the combination of the corkscrew and gel tools to revive a little bit of your patient's health. Select the corkscrew (#8) first, then the gel (#4). Both icons will be highlighted. When you click and hold the mouse in the gameplay area, a circle will appear with a red area that moves in a clockwise direction. While holding the mouse, position your pointer in the red area while it goes all the way around until your patient regains a little bit of health. Unlock secret characters – BUM, Stuporman and Delirium in the "Secret Files" area are unlocked when you meet certain game conditions. BUM unlocks when you get an overall score of 1 million or more points. Stuporman unlocks when you fill Donny's (File 2) Pimp-o-meter all the way up (hint: try stapling strategic "areas" on him). and Delirium is unlocked when you finish all the surgeries in Files 1-3.
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