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Month Top Plays:

Elite Squad 2 - 810 plays

Earth Taken 3 - 607 plays

Super Mechs - 503 plays

Strike of War - 278 plays

Territory War 3 - 278 plays

Rogue Soul 2 - 272 plays

Modern Tanks - 238 plays

Mighty Knight 2 - 233 plays

Bomb it 7 - 193 plays

Feed Us 5 - 193 plays

Bad Ice-Cream 3 - 170 plays

Sam's Most Popular Hacked Games:
911 Police Parking - 796 554 plays

Strike Force Heroes 3 - 68 860 plays

Learn To Fly 2 - 31 702 plays

Swords and Souls - 26 468 plays

Tiny Tanks - 24 705 plays

Douchebag Workout 2 - 16 168 plays

Get On Top - 13 615 plays

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - 13 571 plays

Sands of the Coliseum - 12 647 plays

Madness: Project Nexus - 12 480 plays

Gun Mayhem 3 - 12 122 plays

Super Mario Flash v3 - 11 871 plays

Learn to Fly 3 - 11 577 plays

Duck Life 3 - 10 806 plays

Uphill Rush 6 - 10 191 plays

Into Space - 9 926 plays

Swords and Sandals 3 - 9 906 plays

Ace Gangster - 9 576 plays

Into Space 2 - 9 498 plays

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