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Month Top Plays:
Hobo Prison Brawl - 420 plays

Sniper Assassin 2 - 382 plays

Amateur Surgeon - 350 plays

Flakboy - 243 plays

Damn Birds 2 - 228 plays

Arkandian Revenant - 227 plays

Sydney Shark - 217 plays

Gangster Life - 197 plays

Medieval Crusade - 195 plays

Highway Pursuit - 190 plays

Shattered Colony - 187 plays

Destroy More Cars - 181 plays

Sam's Most Popular Hacked Games:
Strike Force Heroes 3 - 21 563 plays

Learn To Fly 2 - 17 173 plays

Tiny Tanks - 15 956 plays

Swords and Souls - 10 355 plays

Douchebag Workout 2 - 7 432 plays

Get On Top - 6 904 plays

Skull Kid - 5 716 plays

Into Space - 5 366 plays

Plazma Burst 2 - 4 636 plays

Duck Life 4 - 4 561 plays

Duck Life 3 - 4 542 plays

Gun Mayhem 3 - 4 443 plays

Learn to Fly 3 - 4 395 plays

Sands of the Coliseum - 4 330 plays

Arcade Games Hacked

The hit of computer games is arcade. The arcade games hacked means that games have the short levels with a simple device of ruling. The levels become more complicate and have a very fast rhythm of game. The gamers can play so that they stand up, while the game’s life or special coins is not finished. The main purpose of such games is passing level for maximally short time and collecting maximally amounts of coins or balls. The hacked arcade games are very popular among many generations. Arcade is such games as fighting and racing. This is homespun game with a simple navigation. Such games are interested for children and teenagers. If you like in fighting, it means that two heroes have a battle on the arena using different subterfuges and getting for it balls.
Arcade games are unique of its content and sets, because it’s not able to locate in another group of games. This is the best variant of playing for people, who wants to relax during free time on the computer or other appliances, but don’t want to play in serious and difficult game. Our web resource has a wide collection of arcade games hacked, which is interesting for many fans of online amusements. We try to develop our site to you have a good rest!