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Month Top Plays:

Sam's Most Popular Hacked Games:
911 Police Parking - 803 128 plays

Strike Force Heroes 3 - 130 109 plays

Swords and Souls - 46 306 plays

Learn To Fly 2 - 44 052 plays

Zombotron 3 - 36 383 plays

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - 32 813 plays

Swords and Sandals 3 - 32 367 plays

Tiny Tanks - 32 036 plays

Madness: Project Nexus - 29 217 plays

Douchebag Workout 2 - 28 765 plays

Sands of the Coliseum - 26 897 plays

Uphill Rush 6 - 24 823 plays

Swords And Sandals 2 - 24 250 plays

Super Mario Flash v3 - 23 786 plays

Gun Mayhem 3 - 22 989 plays

Raft Wars 3 - 22 815 plays

Learn to Fly 3 - 22 293 plays

Get On Top - 21 635 plays

Zombie Games Hacked

Zombie games hacked are not for children, because the heroes of such games may traumatize the children’s mentality. Such games are about apocalypse, where the heroes turned to terrible monsters, which wanted to kill you. And you must protect yourself and your city. The animations and pictures of the games may be different, but the gist is the one.

Zombie hacked games have a thrilling story and the each level is full of new monsters and achievement of victory is not easy. But when you finish all levels, you’ll feel alleviation and a little sadness, because game is over. We introduce you many new projects and versions about zombies. You can find collection best games about zombies on our website. We guarantee that our games preoccupy you during many hours. The horror, fear and daemon are the main characterization of condition of players. The zombie games hacked combines some kinds of other course of games, for example, there are elements of fighting and shooting. You should be very attentive, circumspect and have a fast reaction with a good and durable nervous system. Such games have a good graphics, pictures, sound, animations and you feel yourself as in the world, where all people are terrible monsters and you must save the all planet from it!