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Zomboz 2 hacked
Zomboz 2 Cheats / Hacked:

Unlimited shots.

Description info:

Category: Shooting / Zombie | Plays: 2 431

The main objective in game Zomboz 2 is that you will need for some amount of time to destroy the zombies that will be close to you. Among them there was also a good zombie, who had no intention of evil, and it is desired to assist us fend off before they attack. Zombies are going on our planet to infect all the people. In over 15 levels you need to calculate the force of the shot, the line of motion of a bullet and kill all the evil zombies. You need to aim so that all the rules of the force of gravity, projectile flew accurately to the desired the zombies.
How to play?
You need to use the mouse for the choosing the power and direction of the shooting.
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