Game Mass Mayhem 2099 AD Hacked (Cheats)


Mass Mayhem 2099 AD hacked
Mass Mayhem 2099 AD Cheats / Hacked:

Type in the cheats menu (Shop -> Bonus): Faster Speedster - SPEED, Small hero - TINY, No man's land - NOMAN, Unlock the satellite - SATELLITE, Spawn in the space - SPACE, Spawn in the factory - FACTORY, Spawn in the city - CITY, Fight against the army - ENROLL

Description info:

Category: Action | Plays: 3 282

Mass Mayhem 2099 AD Hacked and with Cheats is an unbelievable game which popular among players of different social position.
How to play?
Arrow keys to move and aim. Spacebar to equip and use weapons or 1 to 9. X to interact. J to equip jet pack, up key to use.
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