Game Teelonians: The Clan Wars Hacked (Cheats)


Teelonians: The Clan Wars hacked
Teelonians: The Clan Wars Cheats / Hacked:

All units unlocked and more money than you can spend.

Description info:

Category: Strategy | Plays: 3 467

Teelonians: The Clan Wars is the military game, with different elements of fighting. This game will be popular among the boys and guys of different ages. Your hero is on the cosmic planet during the war. This war is without stopping for a minute. Your task is to stop the senseless slaughter, you will take under his wing one of the clans, and you will be to lead his defense. You should govern of the various fighters and use them to line up with a solid defense that can withstand the fierce attack.
How to play?
You will get necessary information about the ruling at the beginning of the level. You should govern the soldiers and choosing their position with the help of the mouse.
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