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Happy Wheels hacked
Happy Wheels Cheats / Hacked:

God Mode (immortal)

Description info:

Category: Arcade / Racing | Plays: 8 127

Happy Wheels Hacked is a crazy unusual racing. First of all, you should choose a hero on the wheels as vehicles, bikes, two-wheels. And after this, you may start to racing. This is difficult distances with complicate balks, and if you have mistakes, you get a brutal punishment. Your hero is immortal, but after mistake, you should restart level at the beginning. It’s not simple version of game, there is so many difficulties, but you should try to play it.
How to play?
The ruling of this cheats is managed by the keyboards. The keys Up and Down are needed to accelerate or decelerate. The keys Left and Right are needed for leaning. Spacebar is needed for special speed effects.
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