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Gunblood hacked
Gunblood Cheats / Hacked:

Before the game in cheatbox write: NOHIT – invincibility, MOREAMMO – infinite ammo, POINTER – adds a laser sight, FASTFIRE – shoot very fast

Description info:

Category: Shooting | Plays: 7 193

Gunblood Hacked is interesting shooting game, which is popular among boys and adult men. This is shooting battle with different opponents. Such game helps to develop a good reaction and knack. Each round has certain percent of difficulties. And you must exert reaction and vigilance to fire off the first and be a winner. There are nine rounds and all of them are complicated. The fighting is started only by a signal. If you win, you will be a real hero! This game helps to have a good time during the playing.
How to play?
The ruling of the cheats is managed by your computer mouse without any difficulties for motions.
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